Fondazione De Agostini - Mission

The De Agostini Foundation was born in March 2007 in Novara out of the desire of the Boroli and Drago families to return part of the added value generated by the business activities of the De Agostini Group to the community.

The Foundation operates mainly in the social area, to respond concretely and effectively to the needs of people with disabilities, with situations of fragility or marginalization and with particular attention to the younger generations, who represent the future of our country.

Today the De Agostini Foundation is active in four main areas:

Disability, Education and Training, Social Inclusion and Emergencies.

With these objectives, the Foundation has activated over the years a network of relationships and numerous collaborations with Bodies, Foundations, Institutions and Associations that share the same mission and the same purposes and, together with them, is committed to giving life and supporting initiatives of great value.

Where possible, the criteria of replicability and economic sustainability are applied in the choice of projects. The Foundation attempt to ensure that successful interventions can be replicated in different areas and locations and seeks to promote and strengthen the sustainability of the projects themselves and the ability to continue independently after the initial start-up phase.

The De Agostini Foundation operates mainly in the Novara area – with which the name De Agostini has had a deep bond for over a century – and in Italy. It is also active internationally, supporting projects related to social and environmental emergencies.

Fondazione De Agostini obtained the enrollment in the Registro Unico Nazionale del Terzo Settore (RUNTS) with Executive Determination 1438 / A1419A / 2022 issued on 2nd August 2022 and it has been registered with 34085 register number. From that date, the name Fondazione De Agostini Ente Filantropico del Terzo Settore has become effective.