We believe that running a business means creating value. At the De Agostini group, we create value by focusing on the quality of our staff and our processes, and by turning ideas into innovative products and services.
At the start of the new millennium, the group boosted its growth and investment activities by diversifying its operations and engaging in further international expansion.
Always keen to seize the opportunities offered by evolving markets, De Agostini has, by combining tradition and innovation, successfully expanded and reinvented itself while at the same time staying true to the founding principles of a family business.

The results achieved in publishing, media and communication, games and services, and alternative investments mean that today the group is one of the biggest family-owned businesses in Italy and internationally.

Corporate governance rules give operational autonomy to the group’s sub-holdings, which were created to nurture each individual sector of activity, manage the various markets and identify areas for development. The holding company, De Agostini SpA, meanwhile, is responsible for directing and coordinating the subsidiaries.
Within the group, in spite of our strong family roots, the handover to the next generation is always based on merit, and on cultural and professional requirements that, if met, ensure that our managers are always fully aware of their responsibilities with respect to the company. This corporate governance give us stability and ensure the unity of purpose of the shareholders in the long term.

Our key strategy is to invest in activities which, by size and geographical diversification, allow us to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage that translates into strong financial performance.
Today, our plan is to consolidate our current portfolio of activities, while at the same time focusing on a sound financial structure, targeted expansion in areas where we can achieve excellence, investment using a total return approach, and full transparency towards all our stakeholders.

Marco Drago
Chairman Emeritus De Agostini S.p.A.