social responsibility - Code of Ethics

Profit is essential but not sufficient on its own. We have a responsibility towards society that cannot be neglected and which consumers consider to be a fundamental value.

For over 100 years the De Agostini Group has always demonstrated correctness, a professional approach and good faith in conducting its business according to policies intended to reinforce its ethical values, in relation to: employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, Institutions, media and the territory.

According to the De Agostini Group's Code of Ethics: “Maintaining of a peaceful working environment capable of meeting everyone's requirements is one of the key elements underpinning the Group”.

For this reason, De Agostini:

  • promotes a policy relating to career development and promotions based on merit, competence and demonstrated professional skills. Therefore, available opportunities depend on the worth of contributions that have effectively promoted the business success, without any discrimination or recognition of unjustified advantages;
  • is against any type of discriminatory behaviour, illegitimate conditioning or harassment, so that all concerned are able to work efficiently and with personal satisfaction;
  • requires adoption of patterns of behaviour that are consistent and comply with the above guidelines according to each person's respective areas of competence.

The persons involved are committed to:

  • behaving in a correct manner and in good faith;
  • making correct use of corporate assets and instruments;
  • not pursuing personal or utilitarian goals to the detriment of company objectives;
  • contributing to safeguarding company information and data assets.

Download the De Agostini Group's "Code of Ethics":

Code of Ethics