De Agostini Editore publishes in 13 languages and in 30 countries. Its activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of knowledge.

De Agostini Editore, both in Italy and around the world, has responsibility for coordination and strategic management of all the Group's activities in the publishing sector, organised in this way:


De Agostini Publishing: is the main business area of De Agostini Editore, with a presence in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan and Latin America. De Agostini Publishing is a leader in the Partworks market, with a production, both paper and digital, ranging from courses and soft-educational products for children and adults, to modeling, music collections, flow packs.


DeA Planeta Libri Srl is a joint venture between De Agostini Libri S.p.A. and Editorial Planeta Sau, Grupo Planeta’s company, the leading international publisher of books in Spanish, to develop business in the Trade Books sector in Italy.
DeA Planeta Libri’s products include books for children and teenagers, Italian and foreign adult fiction, essays, illustrated works, dictionaries and atlases with the brands DeA, De Agostini, DeA Planeta, UTET, AMZ, Abracadabra.
DeA Planeta Libri is also present in online sales through and in the sectors of publishing promotion, commercial services – also for third parties – and light-publishing ( through Libromania S.r.l., in partnership with Newton Compton.



De Agostini Scuola is one of the leading school publishing operators in Italy, with a production aimed at schools of all levels. The brands of De Agostini Scuola are De Agostini, DeA Scuola, Petrini, Garzanti Scuola, Garzanti Linguistica, Marietti Scuola, Valmartina, Theorema Libri, Liviana, Ghisetti&Corvi, Cedam Scuola, Cideb and Black Cat. Utet Università, CittàStudi and ISEDI manage the academic books offering.
De Agostini Scuola is online with (supplemental digital content, eBooks, portals and applications), (language dictionaries), (contents for language learning) and (online language courses), and it has an extensive presence on social media. Training authority accredited by the MIUR in 2013, De Agostini Scuola organizes training courses for teaching staff of the schools.

Digital De Agostini

Division created to develop the presence of De Agostini on digital platforms – television, online, new mobile handsets – producing and managing original editorial properties. Among the aims of this division there is the development of the "network kids" with TV channels DeAJunior (3-5 years) on Sky channel 623, DeAKids (6-8 years) on Sky channels 601 and 602, Super! (8-12 years) on DTT channel 47 and on Sky channel 625, and TV channel Alpha (male audience) on DTT channel 59. Even the web magazine, which is intended to be a practical guide for daily lifestyle, through a wide range of video and further information, refers to Digital De Agostini.