Fondazione De Agostini - Mission

The Fondazione De Agostini was established by De Agostini Group with the aim of making a significant contribution and give substantial opportunities to anyone living in need or in conditions of social deprivation, using resources and experiences to support plans and develop ideas that would match the operating methods of the world of private business with those of the agencies and non-profit organisations.

Founded in 2007 in Novara, the Fondazione De Agostini has strong roots in the local area, where De Agostini has been present since 1908, and is mainly aimed at carrying out social projects intended to provide effective solutions to support those in need.

Social responsibility, research and education, the three areas in which the Fondazione De Agostini intends to be active and express its spirit of service to society, represent a true vocation, an attitude that derives from a company philosophy careful towards individuals and from a serious commitment to addressing the many needs that emerge in its geographic area.